Patch 1.3.5

icon_notestcm2156842Patch Notes 1.3.5



Maps Update

New maps! New maps! You can read about the new BETA maps in our Project Topos announcement. We’ve also received feedback from players who preferred the flow and lighting of the classic maps, so we’re going to keep the Classic Tomsk and bring back the Classic Rig in the Custom and Clan Match list.

  • Lighting and level design changes for Tomsk
  • Added 5 new BETA maps to the Custom and Clan Match list (Airport, Bazaar, Mansion, Moonlight and Raven Watch)
  • Added 2 classic maps to the Custom and Clan Match list (Tomsk Classic and The Rig Classic)

Custom Match Improvements

As requested, we’re implementing a payment-sharing feature for Custom Matches. Now everyone gets to chip in (literally).

  • Tokens have been broken into multiples of 10
    • Each Match Token a player owns before 1.3.5, will be converted to 10 Match Tokens
    • The price of each token has been reduced to 39 GC each, and the tokens required for 1 Custom Match modifier group have been adjusted to 10 accordingly
  • Players can now pool their tokens to start a Custom Match
    • Players can donate any amount of their tokens to the token pool
    • Once the token pool reaches the required amount, the host will be able to start the Custom Match

ATHENA Rank Changes

We heard your feedback, and we’re going to tweak the requirements for the General ranks to make it more challenging and meaningful to earn your rank, especially for 3-5 star Generals.

  • Increased the requirements for General ranks
  • Lowered the requirements for Major and Colonel ranks

Cover Adjustments

You can read all about it in our Dev Update on Pop-shooting and Twitching, which provides a more in-depth explanation about these changes, with pictures and all.

  • Pressing the directional buttons (up/left/right) to peek will commit the player to the full motion of peeking; if the buttons are not held, the player will return to cover after the peek animation is completed
  • Reduced the delay for firing after peeking to maintain effectiveness of shooting from cover
  • Players will no longer be able to shoot immediately when entering cover and peeking simultaneously
  • Added a slight delay for firing when raising a weapon after the weapon is lowered, weapons will now only fire once the weapon is fully raised

Improvements to AAA Benefits

We want to continue improving the benefits of our AAA subscription.

  • AAA subscribers will now be awarded 21x Match Tokens for every month of their subscription (instead of 2 Match Tokens) due to the Match Token changes
  • AAA subscribers will now be able to unbind their Tactical Suit upgrades for free

Other Changes

  • Added the ability to buy multiple Mystery Boxes with 1 purchase
  • Match and squad chat history are cleared after the match when returning to the lobby
  • Whispers sent and received while in-game (including during and after the match loading screen) will be preserved and displayed in the public channel after the match ends
  • “/tm on”, “/tm off” and “/tm reset” commands no longer show up in chat
  • Enabled Allopass, Bokupay and Mopay as mobile payment options for selected countries

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Whispers, match and squad chat are no longer duplicated
  • Fixed the bug where the Blackout activation indicator lines occasionally do not display correctly
  • Support device’s charge up time is no longer affected by the Custom Match’s Device Recharge Duration modifier
  • Squad support and device slots in the in-game loadout are now disabled if the Custom Match loadout restriction for them is set to 0
  • The invite button is now clickable on the Custom Match invite popup while processing the player list
  • Whispering to another player in the pre-match lobby will no longer result in a formatting issue in the loading screen and in-game chat
  • The chat log from the loading screen is no longer displayed twice upon entering the in-game match chat
  • RU version only: Fixed the bug where the text in the AAA popup is not contained within the section frame
  • RU version only: Fixed the bug where AR-21 SD PN is wrongly listed as AK-12 SD PN

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, match and squad chat from the match lobby and loading screen does not display when in-game until a new match/squad chat is received